Washington WA98944

This beautiful, spacious kitchen overlooking the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington State combines ample room for cooking and entertaining with an elegant but functional island, incorporating a seating area with a view.  The paired back simplicity of the architectural windows and floor draw light into the space.  Open shelving gives a home to favourite pots and pans, with a generous run of tall Larder cupboards bringing balance to the room and providing plentiful storage. A simple colour scheme works in harmony with the verdant backdrop of the view outside, with some pink pops of colour bringing the client’s fun personality into the space.

Shopping List Washington WA98944

1. to 2. Tall Plain End Panel (x2)


3. to 4. Tall Two Door Larder Cupboard (x2)


5. to 6. Fridge Freezer Housing (x2)


7. Medium Drawers


8. to 9. Tray Space (x2)


10. Drop Down Bin


11. Double Undersink


12. Integrated Appliance Housing


13. to 14. Pan Drawers (x2)


15. Open Slatted Shelves


16. to 18. Plain End Panel (x3)


19. Oven Housing with Drawer


20. Medium Single Sink Cupboard


21. to 22. Medium Half Depth Double Cupboard (x3)


23. Large Single Counter Standing Cupboard


24. Plain End Panel Counter Standing