Do British Standard offer delivery?

We have teamed up with a Suffolk based courier company that we are happy to recommend to you. The cost for delivery will be arranged directly between you and the couirier company as a separate transaction. Please contact us to ask for more details.

How does the collection process work?

Collection Date - After placing your order online, you will receive a collection date from our Accounts team. Please contact us two weeks prior to your collection date to schedule in your collection time. We have limited collection slots and they are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Opening times are: 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday (Saturdays - limited collection, please call for availability).

Courier Companies - You don’t have to collect the cupboards yourself, you can nominate someone to collect on your behalf. In either case we will need to know who will be collecting your cupboards, so please add this information to your email. Please contact the showroom for our recommended courier contact information. Some courier companies will want to know the weight of the delivery. You can find this information, alongside dimensions, on the product pages of our website. Please click on your chosen cupboard and this information will be shown on the next page.

Renting a Van – We recommend that you do not stack our cupboards. Remember, they are supplied fully assembled! The Cupboards are heavy, so if you are collecting yourself you will need to bring somebody who can assist. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the collection area due to Health and Safety regulations.

On the day of collection - You will need to bring I.D. with you if collecting the cupboards yourself. We will also post a Collection Note to your card address that you will need to bring with you and sign, once you have satisfactorily taken receipt of your goods. If using a courier, please forward them your Collection email for reference.

The collection address is:

British Standard Cupboards,
Rear Warehouse,
Anglian House,
Maitland Road,
Needham Market,

The cupboards will be shrink-wrapped, but we advise you to use packing blankets in addition for extra protection.

Please note: Once you have confirmed your collection date this will be booked into our workshop schedule. We can hold your order for 10 days. Any delay of collection will incur a storage charge of £50 per week.

How do I know what to order?

All of our cupboards are available to buy online. Once you have established a plan, if you are unsure of exactly what to order, you can send us a list of the items, together with your plan. We will look over both of these and come back with any suggestions or items you may have missed. If at any point you are unclear, or in need of some inspiration, please just ask.

What should I do if I have placed my order but not yet received a confirmation email?

Please enquire about the status of your order by emailing accounts@britishstandardcupboards.co.uk, or alternatively please contact us at our Hoxton showroom.

What are the cupboards made of?

The framework is made of solid Poplar. The central panels to our doors are made of MDF to achieve a neat beading detail along the panel edges and to limit the natural tendency of wood to warp. Our carcasses are made of white melamine-faced Birch Ply.

All of our drawers are made with a solid Poplar front, solid Beech sides and a Beech Ply base. The sides are all traditionally dovetailed together, and drawers are mounted on soft-close runners.

What is the best paint to use?

The cupboards come primed and under coated in an off-white colour. This acts as an under coat for your final choice of colour, of which we would recommend a minimum of two coats for greater protection.

We would generally recommend using an oil-based paint in an Eggshell finish. Please refer to our ‘Painting your Cupboards’ guide in our Guides section before painting your cupboards as it is important to prepare the cupboards before applying a top coat, and in some instances you may need a primer.

Should we paint before or after fitting?

It is recommended that any painting is done after fitting as fitting will generally cause wear and tear to the paint finish.

What if I need to cancel an item?

Before collection, you are welcome to cancel an item at any time, for a full refund. You are also welcome to return an item at any point up to 30 days after receiving your cupboards, provided it is returned to us in a saleable condition, and in original packaging where possible.

If you wish to cancel an item, simply send an email clearly stating the item/s that you wish to remove from your order to accounts@britishstandardcupboards.co.uk. Please reference your order number and the name used when placing your original order and we will contact you soon after to arrange your refund. For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

I want to add an extra item after my initial order is placed, what should I do?

The sooner your additional order is placed, the more likely it is that we will be able to group your order and confirm a single delivery date. If the additional items are not available, we may need to delay your collection date.

What guarantee do the cupboards have? Is there a warranty?

We do not offer a warranty, because we do not fit our cupboards, so cannot guarantee that any adaptations or amendments the fitters may make will be suitable. We are happy to advise on fitting to help this process.

Can I paint the interiors?

Painting over the melamine facing on the interiors of our cupboards is not advised. However, our Glazed Cupboards and Open units come with pre-painted ply interiors, for easy painting.

Can I position my hob over any cupboard?

This depends on the depth of the hob. We find that it is possible to mount most modern induction hobs in the worktop and they do not require additional depth. A heat proof mat underneath is sufficient to shield the cupboards from damage. For deeper hobs, it is possible to fit these above one of our large single cupboards, or above one of our double cupboards. For very wide hobs, your joiner will usually be able to trim down the cupboard sides to make it fit. We can of course advise you on this.

Does my floor need to be laid before installing my kitchen?

We always recommend that any flooring be laid across the whole room before the cupboards are installed. Ideally the cupboards should always sit on top of your flooring.

What is the lead time?

The standard production time for our cupboards is 14 weeks, however during very busy times this can increase, so please contact us for an accurate lead time, particularly if you are working to a deadline.

How do I order ironmongery?

Ironmongery is available for purchase on our website. All of our cupboards come fitted with Magnetic Catches and Brass Butt Hinges on the doors.

Can you fit my kitchen?

We don’t currently offer a fitting service.

How do we know which appliances will fit?

Our cupboards are designed to suit most standard-sized built-in appliances. Dimensions of apertures are available on our website or by enquiring with one of our team.

Do I need to employ a professional carpenter to fit my cupboards?

Yes. We will provide a Fitting Guide along with your order. Most professional builders, joiners or carpenters will be able to follow this guide to fit your kitchen.

Do you do bespoke sizes? Do you sell the cupboards flat-pack?

We do not offer any bespoke sized units. We can provide flat-pack Legs, Side Panels, Doors and Shelves individually, allowing for a bespoke-sized unit to be built on site. Our Tray Space (F/250TS) comes as standard at 340mm wide, yet it is designed to be adjustable and can be cut down to size and used to fill odd gaps. The same theory applies to our Half Depth Open Shelves (F/H1200OS).

How should we care for our worktops?

Wooden worktops should be given two thorough coats of oil before fitting, and another coat after fitting. A sufficient saturation of oil has been reached when water begins to “bead” on the surface. Oil should be reapplied every year or so, depending on the type of wood, usage and environment. Please refer to our ‘Choosing and maintaining your worktops’ Guide for more information.

Do you have any tips on storage of cupboards and worktops?

Worktops and cupboards should always be stored in an area of low humidity and kept at a moderate, steady temperature. Worktops should never be stacked upright, they should instead be laid horizontally, yet kept off the floor. Wooden worktops have a tendency to breathe and upturn slightly at the edges. With this in mind, any worktops in storage should be turned daily to even out any imbalances.